Investing with Crestpoint

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Investment options to meet your needs.

Whether you are an institutional or a high net worth individual investor, we have investment options to meet your needs.


Institutional investors seeking a diversified “pooled fund” vehicle have the opportunity to invest in the Crestpoint Core Plus Real Estate Strategy. Alternatively, for those groups interested in more targeted, asset-specific strategies, we can provide access to individual investments on either a “segregated” or “co-investment” basis.

Sophisticated high net worth investors also have the opportunity to invest in the Crestpoint Core Plus Real Estate Strategy through the CC&L Private Client Real Estate Portfolio.

Types of funds

Open-end pooled fund

The Crestpoint Core Plus Real Estate Strategy is designed to generate dependable cash returns for investors together with longer-term capital appreciation by investing in a diversified portfolio of commercial properties located across Canada.

Segregated funds and co-investments

For institutions looking to commit larger amounts of capital to real estate investments (usually in excess of $100 million of equity), we can create custom investment strategies that target various property types, markets, and/or risk profiles. After defining a client’s specific needs, we can either source suitable opportunities to build a portfolio of properties or pursue assets on a one off basis.

Alternatively, when single investment opportunities are of significant value, we can also provide clients with the option of co-investing, typically alongside the Crestpoint Core Plus Investment Strategy.


Crestpoint Real Estate Investments Ltd.
June 14th, 2022