As long-term owners and stewards of client capital,
we believe that managing properties responsibly
will protect and maximize the value of our investments.

The Robertson Building, Toronto, ON

We believe that the review of Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) factors is an important element of a well-managed real estate portfolio and we consider ESG in our analysis of each investment.

We strive to operate under
the following principles

Responsible Investing:

Our primary responsibility is to add value to our clients’ portfolios over the long term. The consideration of ESG issues in our investment management of properties is important to maximizing value and reducing risk.

Employee well-being:

A healthy, engaged team is our strongest asset. We are committed to the health and wellness of our team members, including job satisfaction, career development and employee recognition. We support these initiatives with benefits support, training opportunities and a reward policy focused on our performance-oriented culture.

Environmental stewardship:

We consider environmental factors in our analysis of each potential investment. Our integrated management approach ensures the management of our buildings incorporates environmental considerations, to the objective being to deliver better outcomes for our tenants, our investors and to our communities.

Governance, ethics and transparency:

We believe in full governance transparency. Our team members are required to place their fiduciary obligation to Crestpoint clients first in all dealings. Our long-term success and reputation depend on client confidence and the highest possible ethical standards of our team.

Engaging with local communities:

We are committed to investing in the communities in which we operate with our time and financial resources. We enrich the communities in which we live, work and invest through philanthropy and volunteerism.


Diversity & Inclusion:

Diversity & Inclusion contributes to the strength of our business. It creates the conditions needed for learning from mistakes, questioning the status quo and incorporating varied views. It enables us to identify, attract and retain a highly engaged and capable team.

We integrate ESG across our investment process

ESG considerations are deeply integrated throughout our investment process, from initial assessment through decision-making and during ongoing ownership.

We are committed to building strong and vibrant communities by supporting causes that are important to our clients, employees, partners and stakeholders.


We support a diverse team culture that promotes collaboration in order to achieve collective success.



GRESB is a dedicated, industry-guided organization that cooperates with global leaders in the real asset sector providing validated ESG performance data and peer benchmarks to improve commercial real estate’s impact on the environment.

National Association for Industrial and Office Parks (NAIOP)

Our NAIOP membership aligns us with a dynamic association dedicated to commercial real estate, providing invaluable insights and business development opportunities.

Real Property Association of Canada (REALPAC)

As members of REALPAC, we integrate into a professional network that aims to elevate the standards and performance of the real estate sector, enriched by research, education and advocacy initiatives.

Canada Green Building Council (CAGBC)

As CAGBC members, we're part of a dedicated community focused on advancing eco-friendly practices within the building sector, benefiting from certifications, research and advocacy.

Crestpoint Real Estate Investments Ltd.
June 15th, 2022